What We Do

Flying high at the Circus Center, San Francisco,Ca. March 2018

We Are Richmond Inc. offers 6-week courses for groups of 21 children ages 9-12 (7 each from the 3 major areas of Richmond) that meet every Saturday for a 4-hour session of social activities, life skills classes, and/or a trip.

All course activities are designed to:

  • Discuss a range of issues that affect children and young teens
  • Establish lasting relationships among participants, especially from different neighborhoods
  • Build confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness
  • Unlock hostilities and biases
  • Reconstruct unhealthy and unsafe assumptions about kids from other neighborhoods
  • Offer fun and non-stressful activities
  • Address the children’s various learning styles

Middle school children and teens struggle with society’s array of fashionable but risky options such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gang activities, and they feel pressured to make difficult decisions. Because of this their minds experience a quandary of which road to take – the most popular, or the safest? – the one that shows I’m tough, or the one that keeps me out of trouble?

With that in mind, our model assumes and strengthen kids’ inherent preference to live according to good and diverse pro-social values, where they respond to the emotional and cultural conditions that may impact their lives.   

Empowerment & Compassion –

We strive to help children build security and acceptance within themselves. Many of We Are Richmond Inc participants may be victims of violence, or struggling with issues of racism, sexual identity, poverty, or emotional neglect. We Are Richmond Inc presents a space to discuss these issues with sincerity and total acceptance.

We Are Richmond Inc.’s activities promote children’s capacity to speak truthfully, make them aware of the importance of other children’s feelings, and develop a better understanding of each other’s position and perspective.

Friendship & Play

We Are Richmond Inc introduces fun, educational, non-stressful activities and trips to help our kids form relationships with each other. We understanding that all kids don’t develop physically, psychologically, or sociologically at the same pace and our program is tailored to address the needs of everyone.

Commitment –

For the first step of the course we require that each person commits to attending all meetings, and pledges to adhere to the following We Are Richmond Inc. agreements:

• Everyone matters

• Never put down or interrupt one another

• To always and forever acknowledge one another (in the groups chosen gesture of peace) in company or in passing following the completion of the 7 week course.

What does a class look like?

First we open with a ritual, warm up activities, and positive affirmation chants of confidence.

Then we introduce and facilitate activities that will include educational videos, role play, group games, and observe & react scenarios.

Class Group Activities

10:00-11:45 amBig GroupA, B, E
11:45-12:30 am/pmLunch 
12:30-1:30 pmBreak out GroupC, D,
1:30-2:00 pmBig Group. F
A=Educational Videos, B=Role Play, C=Observe and React Scenarios, D=Group Games, E=Positive Affirmation Chants of Self-Confidence, F=Pledges/Reflecting


10:00 amMeet time (Arrival)Civic Center PL
11:00 amDeparture 
12:30 pmLunchDesignated Area
5:30 pmMeet (check in)Designated Area
6:00 pmDeparture 
TBTArrivalCivic Center PL

Completion of each 6-week course will be followed by a Graduation Celebration Ceremony with expressions from children and parents, as well as open remarks and acknowledgements. Every Graduation celebrations will be filmed, and follow-ups will be sent to all individual and grant funders, who will be invited to attend and meet the children who benefit from their generosity.