We Are Richmond Inc. is a violence prevention and child empowerment organization whose purpose is to eliminate the negative culture and vicious cycle of gang recruitment that preys on our city’s youth. Our mission is to provide early intervention by focusing on at-risk children ages 9 to 12 from the most difficult areas of Richmond and uniting them in play and education.    

We promote early relations for friendships between adolescent children living in Richmond California’s toughest neighborhoods in order to create future peace between them and help make Richmond a safer place to live for the whole community. In our current environment, children are susceptible to being influenced to participate in negative and gang cultural activities, as well as becoming a victim of gang violence themselves for things such as casual associations with the wrong person, or just being a resident from a particular neighborhood.      

Why Richmond?

With a population of only 102,118, Richmond Ca. has over 15 gangs consisting of approximately 150–200 gang members spread across the 3 major areas of the city – South, Central, and North Richmond. This has been a negative presence in the city for up to 3 decades.

It is the mission and purpose of We Are Richmond Inc. to erase this presence of gang culture for our future teens by embarking on an 5-year effort to stop the cycle of gang membership. We will do this by uniting children 9-12 years of age (boys and girls from every ethnic group and background) who are being raised in rival gang neighborhood areas. We conduct 7-week unification courses by taking 21 children (7 children from each of the 3 major rival gang sections of Richmond) on trips for both fun and educational purposes. We will also bring the children together for 4 weekends of Life Skills classes with experts who will empower them with tools to combat their inevitable future challenges; namely peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem, and self-awareness. At the same time, these will be bonding experiences that will make it possible to grow friendships with the very kids they will eventually be encouraged by older peers to hate.

Our 5-year project includes 7 unification courses per year, welcoming 245 kids from each of the 3 rival neighborhoods, affecting a total of 735 children each year. All courses and activities are provided free to participants and are funded solely through grants and donations.

Participants will be selected by the first 7 signees from each of the 3 separate areas.

Mission Statement:

We Are Richmond Inc.’s purpose is to eliminate the negative culture and vicious cycle of game recruitment that preys on our city’s youth. Our Mission is to provide early intervention by focusing on children ages 9-12 from rival neighborhood areas and uniting them in playful empowering activities.  

We Are Richmond Inc. is a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to serve the public.